Signorello Cabernet Sauvignon & Il Piccolino What a Combo

A friend flew in from San Francisco armed with some mighty fine wines which we sampled over an absolutely outstanding, multi-course  lunch at my favorite, Il Piccolino Restaurant on Robertson Blvd.My fish course at Il Piccolino.

My favorite was the 2005 Signorello Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.Veal meatballs, chicken croquettes, and ricotta and spinach balls began our feast at Il Piccolino, accompanied by Signorello Cab.

 Wow what a wine bursting with flavors of Cassis, vanilla, black currant and cocoa.  It’s so good I drank it with every course, even the fish.

I’d never heard of the vineyard so I went on-line and learned that Signorello Estate makes limited quantities of premium varietals that blend classic French winemaking characteristics with California fruit. Our style of winemaking is directly tied to our vineyards.

Their wines are lush with  concentrated fruit flavors, and good acid balance in all our wines. “The goal is to have wines with early accessibility, as well as potential to develop additional complexity as they mature.”

Check out

Also check out, one of LA’s finest, where the chefs create the best dishes with a Mediterranean/California flair.


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